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Inshore Charters

Nice Speckled-trout caught at deadman bayEnjoy a trip on the pristine grass flats of the Deadman Bay area with Capt Mike Farmer. You will be meeting your captain at River Haven Marina where his completely restored 1970 24 foot Proline “Old Pro” is kept in a private reserved slip. This vessel was built specifically for the vast grass flats areas you will be fishing. It offers a comfortable ride and floats in 10” of water which allows access to the skinny waters that you will be fishing for a majority of the year. Power is provided by a 4 stroke 150 HP Yamaha motor which provides reliability, quiet running and nearly smokeless.

You will be using quality tackle designed for the types of fishing you will be doing. Most fishing will be done casting artificial lures although at certain times of the year live or natural baits will be added to the arsenal as well.

Trout and Redfish are the two primary species that will be targeted but according to the time of year, your catch may also include many other species such as Flounder, Cobia, Black Sea Bass, Shark, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and many others. It isn't uncommon to catch 10 or more different species of fish in one day, some desirable and some undesirables but even the undesirable ones usually provide a great fight as well.

Although I can't guarantee you will catch fish, I can guarantee you that every effort will be made to assure that you do catch fish. You can view my Facebook page and see the current catches. I only post current pictures and DO NOT re-post old pictures. What you see is what is currently being caught unless I note otherwise. The day's catch will always be dependent on the feeding moods of the fish and of course the experience of the anglers on board. Although many novices or beginning anglers come and have great catches, we all know that skill and experience usually add fish to the box especially on those days when the bite is slow.


Scalloping Charters


Scalloping is a great adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Whether you're young or older it doesn't matter as long as you are capable of swimming. Experience is not needed as you will learn as you go and also the captain will swim along with your group and provide assistance and training. The captain will take you out for a ride onto the pristine grass flats of the area and then anchor out in areas with good populations of scallops. Here you will now adorn yourself with a mask, snorkel and fins before entering the water. Once you have immersed yourself in the clear waters you will swim around face down and start your hunt for the elusive mollusk known as a bay scallop. It is about as close as you can get to experiencing an underwater Easter Egg hunt. You will swim around and gather your scallop harvest and place it into a collection bag provided by your captain. Experience is not needed as you will learn as you go and also the captain will swim along with your group and provide assistance and training. While on the hunt for scallops you will also have opportunities to view an abundance of other marine life. It is not uncommon to encounter sea turtles, crabs, fish, dolphin, and even the occasional manatee. The flora and fauna are abundant and you will probably just forget about the rest of the world as you become entranced as you become one with this underwater wonderland. Once your limit of scallops has been collected there is usually enough time for the captain to give you a ride to a nearby sandbar where everyone can swim around and collect a few sand dollars to take back as a little bonus and memory of your trip with friends or family. The day will end back at the dock where you can either choose to clean your catch yourself or cleaning services are available at the dock for a fee.

Scalloping trips come with full instruction and training. The captain will be in the water right along side you to help you get the hang of things and help to collect scallops to assure your limits if needed.

Fish and scallop cleaning services are provided back at the dock when you arrive at

River Tours / Sunset Cruises

Check out the beautiful views Steinhatchee has to offer.

Are you just looking to lay back, relax, and take in the natural beauty surrounding Steinhatchee?

There's no better way than a sunset cruise on the Steinhatchee river. Calm waters, abundant wildlife, pristine shorelines, and beautiful sunsets all come together to make for a relaxing and memorable afternoon on the water. 1 and 2 hour are available, however this trip can be custom designed to meet your needs and desires. Longer trips can be arranged at a cost of $75 per additional hour. The times and destinations are flexible to meet your desires. Sunset cruises will be scheduled around Mother Natures plans for the sunset on the particular day you chooses. When the water is warm it can be a trip out to a nearby sandbar for a dip in the water, a ride up the river to enjoy the flora and fauna that thrive along our river banks or a ride out to the mouth of the river where it meets up with the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy the vividly stunning sunsets that this area is known for. Whatever your needs just have a talk with the captain and plan the trip. The captain wants you to go home satisfied and with great memories that will last a lifetime.


11200789_390109884513000_872452430352380190_nAll trips require a $100 per day non-refundable deposit. You can choose to pay the full cost of the trip at checkout if you desire. If there is a balance owed on the day of your trip please be prepared to pay with either cash or check.

If the trip is canceled within 14 days of booked date then the the payment made at checkout may be carried over to book another date, otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited. The Captain may also cancel at his discretion for safety reasons due to severe weather. In this case, the payment made at the time the reservation was made can be carried over to book another date. Just the chances of rain, cold or other undesirable conditions do Not justify reasons to cancel. Only issues of safety at the captain's discernment will justify cancellation.

Trip duration times are approximate. I am not a clock watcher, my greatest interest lies in trying to make sure that you have a great experience and if I feel we need more time and you're in no hurry to go then we may stay a little longer.

Fishing trips are based on 1-3 people which makes for a comfortable day of fishing. I will allow a 4th person for another $100. Only do this with the understanding that makes a total of 5 of us in the boat including myself which makes for pretty close quarters and not nearly as enjoyable of a day. Keep in mind that novices or beginners normally require a bit more room as they perfect their casting skills.
Multiple boats and captains can be provided to accommodate larger groups if needed.

Arrangements can be made to pick up customers at other locations other than captains home marina if needed.


Note: Sunset cruises may be extended at a cost of $75 per additional hour

What we provide for all charters:

  • Fishing Licenses
  • Tackle and Bait (You may bring your own if desired)
  • Fish cooler with ice
  • Drink cooler with ice
  • Collection bags for each person on scalloping trips

What you should bring:

  • Food, snacks and drinks
  • Proper attire for forecast weather conditions which may require rain gear, sunglasses, hat, jacket etc
  • Sunscreen – sprays not recommended unless they are the quick drying type as over spray can cause slick and potentially dangerous conditions on the deck.
  • Scalloping trips customers to provide their own mask, snorkel and fins.


1110 Riverside Dr

Steinhatchee, FL