Captain’s Bio

Captain Mike Farmer with Saltaddiction charters at Steinhatchee, FLCapt Mike Farmer has spent his entire life in pursuit of quary that dwells beneath the surface of the water. He didn't stand much of an opportunity to end up any other way considering his upbringing. At an early age before he was able to actually fish he used the bottom of an old Jon boat as a playpen while his Dad fished. Then as he grew older he eventually started with a cane pole catching panfish while he fished with his Dad. Then as he grew older he ventured off on his own to local bodies of water close enough to reach on foot or within the range of his bicycle. Then the day arrived when he was able to drive and venture out to bodies of water even further away. Somewhere during this time the Bass Bug had bitten him and he was competing and collecting paychecks and trophies in local Bass Tournaments before the age of 20.


Later in his life, the Salt Water entered his veins and he became obsessed with inshore fishing and Steinhatchee Florida became the home for this obsession to grow and blossom. Captain Mikes now resides in Steinhatchee where his passion for all the outdoors led him to dedicate his career to the outdoors and become a full-time USCG Licensed Captain. This career path has become a vehicle to share his passion with others. He is very knowledgeable of the local waters and wildlife. Not only is he an avid fisherman who has spent time in front of the but also a published nature photographer and outdoors writer. Writing on average 3-5 articles each month for the various publications he is published in regularly. The captain has also been featured in fishing shows on TV and in printed articles as well as online. He has a complete love for the ecosystem as a whole and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. Some days on the water may turn into a discussion about the abundant wildlife and marine life in the area. It is very common for him to point out or even go in search for things to have a show and tell session. When you spend the day on the water with Capt Mike it isn't always just about the fish, it's more about the whole experience of being out on the water and taking in all of Gods beauty from the sunrises and beautiful landscapes to all of the creatures that thrive in this area. He will use his experience to make sure you have an opportunity to take home as many fish as legally possible if that is your goal but also try to bring more to the experience than just catching fish.


Henry David Thoreau once said, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after”.


Let Capt Mike Farmer guide you and share his experience of the area to catch fish and just enjoy time on the water.